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Business Support

When you're looking for laser tag industry information, Red Tactical Equipment is your one-stop-shop. Our team can help you start a successful laser tag business in less than you think! Below are 5 services that we can offer to your business.

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Start-up Support & Business Development

  • Support in launching the business model and fundraising

  • Risk reduction and mitigation guidance for first timers

  • Regular support, updates and improvements of the business model  

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Equipment Selection & Arena Design

  • Advice on optimal selection of Battle Company weapons and equipment

  • 2D and 3D field designs based on video games maps

  • Advice on interior fit-out and choice of materials, including budget management

  • Designing and implementing of interactive props within gameplay and arena design

  • Design of arena music & sound effects

operation and technical support.png

Operations & Technical Capacity Support

  • Management, operations, and training manuals

  • Training programs including management, customer relations, weapons maintenance and software

  • Assistance in human resources strategy and recruitment process

  • On-site support with pre-launch testing phase

  • On-site/off-site field management support

  • Advice, assistance and continuous development of structured revenue generating

  • Complete training for extra events including zombies and Battle Royale

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